Construction Dewatering

We’re your Construction Dewatering specialists. We provide four different types of pumps for based on sub-surface conditions. In our consultation meeting, we will advise which pump is best for you.

Deepwell Systems

Benefits of deepwell pump systems: 
  • Ideal for large volumes of water
  • Smallest impact on site traffic
  • Energy efficient
  • Independently operated wells
  • Not limited by depth 
Deepwell Systems

Eductor Systems

Benefits of Eductor pump systems:
  • Suitable for deep excavations with low permeability soil or stratified soils 
  • Not limited by the depth 
  • Venturi based system 
Eductor Systems

Wellpoint systems

Benefits of Wellpoint pump systems:
  • Suitable for shallow excavation up to 6 meters in depth
  • Highly flexible 
  • Effective in a range of different soil types
  • Small diameter wells 
  • Diesel or electric pumps
Wellpoint systems

Sump Pumping

Benefits of Sump pumping:
  • Simple and cost-effective 
  • Better in low permeable soils and bedrock
Sump Pumping

Equipment We Use

The equipment we use for construction dewatering varies in accordance with the work phase

Installation phase:

Drills & supplementary equipment to install the wells: 

  • Dual rotary drill
  • Sonic drills
  • Custom made Deere Drills

Operation phase:

  • Vacuum wellpoint pumps
  • Eductor pumping stations
  • Submersible pumps 

Frequently Asked Questions

We Provide Solutions For A Wide Range Of Sectors Including

+ What type of dewatering system is best for my site?

The best solution for your site requires the evaluation of several different factors. Call us today and speak with our team to help us find the best solution that fits your specific site requirements.

+ Who is involved in dewatering solutions at Insitu?

When you call Insitu requesting a dewatering solution for your site, you will be connected directly with our project management staff. We do not have sales staff, at Insitu, we have technically sounds dewatering specialists that work with you from design to implementation to operation to decommissioning of your sites dewatering solution.

+ What sets Insitu’s dewatering solutions apart?

Insitu’s goal is to provide a complete dewatering solution that fits our clients needs. Insitu takes pride in providing the right solution from the start of the project. At Insitu, we believe that the client should not experience any hidden costs. It is Insitu’s goal to provide a solution that is designed and installed correctly from the beginning, and therefore the client should not expect any additional costs related to a project dewatering solution.

+ What does an All-In-One dewatering solution look like?

At Insitu, our All-In-One solution includes all aspects of the organization to limit risks for clients for cost and schedule overruns. Insitu’s in-house capabilities allow us to compete projects on time and on budget. Our no hidden costs philosophy means that all aspects of the dewatering solution are accounted for in our proposals including maintenance visits and all equipment required to complete a project successfully.

+ During operation, what information should I expect from Insitu?

Insitu has remote monitoring capabilities which include real-time flow meter, vacuum level, pressure level, water level, flow meter and water quality readings. This information can be setup for client access to see our system performance. This capability also allows Insitu to meet the requirements from municipalities and provincial agencies for documentation and reporting.

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