Engineering Services

Our engineering services combine factual data with local expertise to help you mitigate project groundwater risks

Pumping Tests

Our Engineering Services include Pumping Tests that are done prior to the development and help the client determine:
  • Estimate pumping quantities and quality
  • Dewatering system design
  • Budgeting
Pumping Tests

Design & Consultancy

We provide Design & Consultancy as a part of our Engineering Services.
  • Dewatering system designed in an efficient manner
  • Provide hydrogeological information about the site
  • Permitting
  • Lunch & Learn session of groundwater control. For more info contact us.
Design & Consultancy

Instrumentation & Monitoring

We offer monitoring of water levels and system operation as a part of our Engineering Services
Instrumentation & Monitoring

Peer Review

We assist clients having difficulties with changed ground conditions or performance of dewatering systems.
Peer Review

Telemetric Monitoring

Together with our partners at Smartrek, we have developed a telemetric monitoring and alarm system to monitor dewatering equipment including vacuum levels, pressure levels, flow meter information and water levels 24/7 in realtime.

Telemetric Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

We Provide Solutions For A Wide Range Of Sectors Including

+ What does Insitu offer for Peer Reviews?

Insitu offers on site advice, recommendations and evaluations of dewatering systems currently installed and operating on sites. Insitu has been requested to give expert evaluations in litigation scenario’s involving dewatering systems.

+ What sets Insitu’s Engineering Services apart?

Insitu first sits down with a client to understand what they want to accomplish at their project and need on a site. After evaluating different options, Insitu will provide a recommendation to the client. We will not recommend something you do not need, which sometimes means that the recommendation is that the client can complete the project with their own forces.

+ Does Insitu have in house capabilities or is Engineering completed by other organizations?

Insitu is a one stop, all in one solution. We have in house Professional Engineers who each have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our team also includes in house Certified Engineering Technologists, Environmental Specialists and Licensed Well Technicians.

+ Does Insitu complete Discharge Permits and Permits To Take Water?

Insitu’s team can coordinate applications for Discharge Permits and Permits To Take Water for our clients. Our experience on hundreds of these applications gives our clients an advantage to have their sites permits submitted and approved expeditiously.

+ Does Insitu complete flow meter calibration and sampling services?

Insitu can calibrate your flow meter and complete water sampling when required. For example, in Toronto, flow meters for both construction and long-term discharge systems that enter the municipal system need to be calibrated every year. Insitu can complete this process allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted water discharge program.

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