Insitu provides engineering support and installs.

Eductor Wells

  • to dewater below 6 m depth in fine sands

Vacuum Wellpoint

  • to dewater to depths of 6 meters

Deep Wells

  • to dewater in high permeability soils

Vacuum Wellpoint System

  • Used to dewater to depths of up to 6 meters
  • Flexible
  • Effective in a range of soil types
  • Maximum lift 6 m at header line
  • Diesel or electric pumps

Eductor Well System

  • Not limited by depth, best in low-yielding wells
  • Energy intensive
  • Venturi in base of well creates vacuum
  • Effective to greater depths

Deep Well / Electric Submersible System

  • Used to dewater soil with high hydraulic conductivity
  • Not limited by depth
  • Most efficient production in high-yielding conditions
  • Effective in deep coarse aquifers
  • Least impact on surface traffic