Keswick Waste Water Treatment Plant


The Keswick Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion involved the construction of several new treatment structures including a headworks building, aeration tank, clarifiers, biofilter building and others. The challenge presented at the project was to control a shallow aquifer with relatively low flows as well as a lower aquifer with high flows.


INSITU successfully completed the dewatering of the upper aquifer with a combination of vacuum wellpoints and deep wells. At the peak of construction, INSITU was pumping about 7,500 liters per minute to lower the water table to a sufficient depth below the excavation base to allow for a dry excavation.


  • Large volume dewatering project involving various dewatering methods for waste water treatment
  • Successful installation of high capacity wells to depths of approximately 30-m
  • Able to maintain performance of wells with backup systems used during station power shut downs and unanticipated power outages

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