Gold Mine, Val D’or Quebec


At a northern mine site in Canada, a soil mixing ground improvement program at the base of a dam was implemented. The project required the contractor to blend cement with the soft soils down to bedrock to provide lateral stability to the adjacent dam.


INSITU Contractors was contacted to utilize our 4×6 sonic coring system to extract continuous core samples through the cured soil mixing area. Samples were extruded into clear poly sleeves and placed into wooden core boxes for storage and analysis. Our crew mobilized our full size tracked sonic drill and cored at over 20 locations to verify consistency of soil/cement mixture to depths of 25m.

Additionally, a geotechnical component was added to work plan to investigate the natural stability and load bearing capacity in adjacent lands completed with SPT samples, bedrock probe holes for future planning where also completed to depths of 15m.


Our crew mobilized and cored at multiple locations much faster than originally anticipated while collecting near 100% recovery throughout the project.

The highly representative samples provided excellent verification of the projects success.

The experience crew adapted the drilling process to the changing stages of curing in the soil / cement mixture to optimize recovery and disruption of the consistency. The client was very happy with the results from our team.

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